Starter Pack with Rotating Clear Acrylic Display, 4 Sided

Regular price $209.99

- Rotating Clear Acrylic Display - 4 Sided
- 120 roll-ons for 1/6 & 1/3 oz. sizes.
- Or 40 roll-ons for the 1 oz. size.

Choose your starter pack fragrance option for men and women, only men, or only women fragrances.  The Men and Women option comes with:
- 60 roll-ons of each men or women for 1/6 & 1/3 oz. sizes.
- Or 20 roll-ons of each men or women for the 1 oz. size.

*Roll-ons are filled with the top selling fragrances.  They are pre-packaged in a kit.  Fragrances in kit will vary based on top sellers and availabliltiy.  Fragrances in kit cannot be changed.  Additional fragrances of your choosing can be ordered seperately or in the same order.